Reef Octopus Q8 Commercial Protein Skimmer

Q8 Recirculating Commercial Protein Skimmer

The largest of the Reef Octopus Q Series Commercial Protein skimmers. This Pro Series recirculating beast was designed for professional aquaculturists, commercial farms, large public aquariums and aquatic wholesale outlets. Roughly standing 5.25 feet tall and a  massive 40″ body is powered by 6 Bubble Blaster 10,000 high air injection pinwheel pumps. Comes equipped with a twin wiper auto neck cleaner.

For large aquariums up to 26,000 gallons
Height: 63″
Body: 40″
Outlet: 90mm
Feed line: 3 X 40mm inlets (1.25″ conversion)
Recirculation pumps: Bubble Blaster HY10000 X 6
Wattage: 1320w
Max air intake: 28800L/H (1008scfh)

Recommended feed pump: HY-12500w x 3
Feed Flow: 9,000-10,000GPH
Wattage: 510w

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